Here you can find 7 Best Gps Apps For Android

Saturday, February 13, 2021

7 Best Gps Apps For Android

The most practical GPS is the one that works without an Internet connection. The benefits of offline cards are obvious. At the very least, such a navigator will never fail because of network failures. As much as possible - with it you can travel the world and visit uninhabited places without fear of getting lost. Offline cards are an indispensable tool for expensive traffic. Here's what you need to do with spatial orientation.

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Best Gps Apps For Android

It's a free app that works without a network connection. GPS-navigator not only orients in space, but also displays the situation on the roads in real time (traffic jams, accidents, detours, etc.).

The only negative is Waze: there is no feature of self-preservation cards (for example, in Google Mapes saver provided). That is, for the full operation of the map still requires sometimes to connect to the network, but even without the Internet satellite navigator works quite tolerably. You can read the app and download it here.

How to use Waze:

  1. To download the map, open the apps (should Be enabled Wi-Fi) and enter the address you need. Once the routing is complete, the app will keep the last steps in the cache until you clean it up.
  2. Use the map while traveling the world. Saved data will help you find your way, just take care of addresses before leaving the house. The only thing to remember: without the Internet maps will not be updated, of course.
  3. If you need traffic information, open the navigator and enter the address. The system will calculate the route, after which you need to go to the software menu (Settings section). Click on the "Data Transfer" and "Traffic Information Download" line.
  4. As additional information, the app will display data that has already been uploaded to the cache. A map update is possible from a cache (if you can't connect to the network).


Gps Apps For Android

HereMaps knew the ancient Nokia. Although the app's interface is somewhat out of date, its functionality can compete with fresh software. It will suit conservatives and those who do not welcome excess innovations. In addition to auto and pedestrian routes, the app displays the movement of public transport.

Google Maps is the most popular map that can be used in different modes. The principle of the navigator is similar to the previous one. To save the map, you need to connect to the network, open the application, enter the name of the city (or a specific address). After that, click on the data retention (touch menu). You can read the app and download it here.

The app works with and without a network connection. In offline mode, you can search for the address, determine the location, scale the images. In this program, you can look for a point on the map on the street or the name of the attraction. Integrated in Wikipedia (you can immediately get information about the historical area).


Navitel is designed for those who do not have free time to map-conversion. With this application, you can download well-drawn autonomous maps of Russian cities. At the same time, you do not have to spend money on traffic.

The only drawback - a full version you need to buy. Purchasing a licensed application, the user receives round-the-clock technical support and quality assurance. You can download the map here.

This is an offline navigation app. The program is able to lay car and pedestrian routes, offers short paths of movement. There are no restrictions on the number of cards to download in the free version.

The app differs in that some regions display more detail than other maps (more tags and objects). The free version allows you to download 10 countries into the vault. The source of information for updating the maps is Open Street Map, which is filled by users around the globe voluntarily.

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